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Race Committee assignments for 2012 December 15, 2011

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JYC has asked our fleet to step up again in 2012 to provide RC Team 5 for our club races. I actually enjoy doing this and I know others in our fleet do to. At the Fleet Christmas Party and annual meeting, Edgar or John will discuss the upcoming calendar, if it is available by then. It would help things along if we could start getting teams committed to dates to run RC. Normally the way we do this is draw dates from a hat and then let draftees trade off for better dates if they have a conflict.
Also, as a reminder, we need your money for Kattack subscription again. Make checks payable to Kattack, LLC for $95 and give to Edgar.

2011 Fleet Christmas Party November 30, 2011

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The date is not yet nailed down for this BIG event however we do know that it will be hosted by the Arus. So watch your e-mail for an important invitation! At this party we will also collect our Kattack fees. So please bring a check. As of right now the Kattack fees will be the same as last year. $95/boat unless we have some folks bail out on us then the fee will go up slightly.
Update: Christmas Party is confirmed for Dec 17th. Edgar is sending out email with more details.

Year 2011 is coming to a close November 30, 2011

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I am pretty sure the scores for the year are what they are. Profound, I know. It looks like Dynamo Humm is going to pull out the win for the year based on the last time I saw a score sheet.  I am guessing that Air Express is in second for the year and I have no clue who is third.

I would normally suggest going the the http://www.jacksonyachtclub.com website to get the current results but we have updated the system and now we don’t have the scores visible.  So this should make for a really dramatic awards ceremony in January or February 2012.

Just another Monday April 11, 2011

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Well not quite. Let’s see we raced Capdevielle all weekend in the Flying Scots. Those in our fleet who were not racing were either involved in Race Committee, Protest Committee, support boats, cooking, cleaning, scoring…etc. You get the picture. One regatta soaks up a lot of people as volunteers. Then after five windy races were finished on Saturday through Sunday, we eat lunch hand out awards and put our regular teams back together to go club race on the J22s.

So, “Just another Monday” involved doubling up on Aleve, B12, coffee and aloe for sunburn. As the saying goes, it was fun, wish you were there.

I would write more but my fingers are tired too.

Crazy day of sailing March 21, 2011

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Yesterday was a crazy day for racing. Spring winds were anything but steady. Forecasts were all over the board. 5-10kts generally from the South. In reality this turns out to be accurate IF you averaged the entire day. However we saw 5-12 and up to 50 degree shifts occurring about every 2 – 6 minutes. (You can go a long way off course waiting for the next shift, trust me.) Or you can tack for the next shift and get faced so bad you have to return to the previous tack.
After losing out big time on the second beat we realized we had to step it up a notch to catch back up to the two leaders, Dynamo Humm and Air Express. (Who had just passed us.) But adding salt to the wound we couldn’t seem to break away from the next two boats just behind. So we tried to heat it up down wind and gybe back on the next shift, should happen before we get 2/3rds down the leg.  Well…we got the shift but now it is soft.  So the last upwind gets really iffy.  I am still kicking myself for letting Dynamo and Air get away from me on the last upwind.  They are now sailing in a different ocean.

Anyway, Air picked off Dynamo to win. We caught back up with Red Stripe and barely crossed them at the finish, but we lost Blue Bayou2, who truly blew by us out of the left hand corner.  John loves left corners and mostly does well with them.  John S. and his pick up crew John McG. were a little short handed but still managed to beat our newest member of the fleet Off Call with David, Louis and Baba (pronounced bay-bay, may be spelled that way too, who knows).  Adding insult to injury the RC informed Off Call they were also over early!  Ouch.  But, they had a great start and good seats on the first beat.

Spring Fling Regatta this weekend! Come on out and enjoy!

Singlehanded Sailing Anyone October 21, 2010

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It’s been suggested that our fleet should have a singlehanded regatta for the J22 fleet. What do you think? I know our fleet is overflowing with egos and there would not be a problem getting some of us out there to test our singlehanded skills. But we need to know if this is of real interest. Do we want just one race or a series of three races?
When should we do it?
One thing to consider, not all of our boats may participate. Some people might not be comfortable single handing and I understand that. Maybe those boat owners would allow some one who crews regularly to take their boat for the day.
Give your feedback so I will know how to pursue.

Considering all the storms this weekend… May 2, 2010

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We had a pretty good day of sailing. All the storms and forcasts around the SE were kind of keeping us all wondering whether we would actually have a race. Matt and I discussed a couple of times over “Senior Weekend”, are we racing or not. My rule of thumb is: If there is a severe thunderstorm watch, then we think about it. If there is a tornado watch, we think harder. If there is a warning, well we sit in clubhouse and wait to see what happens. Then go sail after. There is generally good breeze just after the warnings pass. (A lot of this is tongue in cheek.) However, I’ve got two guys that will sail in anything. So most of the time I’m the wimp if it is blowing too hard.
About the race. We had great 10-13 breeze out of the SSE. We bounced around the course with Air Express swapping the lead back and forth. They eventually got us. I had one stupid move, they had a stupid move and in the end they won.
We’ll be back next week though so stay tuned.

J22 Midwinter Nationals, SYC March 6, 2010

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Folks around JYC are getting their trailers and boats ready to head to New Orleans for the J22 Midwinter Nationals. Last I looked there were 39 boats registered, 4 from JYC.
What kind of weather can we expect? Who knows. I’ve been there when it is blowing the dog off the chain and when it is lumpy and light. (Lake sailors don’t do well in light and lumpy.) One thing is for sure there will be a party Thursday when we arrive, Friday, Saturday and Sunday after races. BTW SYC has a new clubhouse but they still have the same gracious staff and members. So hook up and bring it to SYC!

JYC Racing has begun March 6, 2010

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Racing is off to a semi-strong start.  Considering the cold weather and a couple of “no race” days we have done fairly well.  Race results can be found at JacksonYachtClub.com

(I am not sure if that link will stay up to date as the results are posted.)

Rumper – Protection for your Rudder July 22, 2009

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I posted this on Twitter several weeks ago, for those that don’t follow that stuff check this out.

RumperMy boat hangs on a lift over  the water most of the time as many others do. I am near the end of the pier system so I seem to pick up more boat dings from fishing boats and new sailors than others.  One day I got a huge ding, gouge and I was… livid, as anyone else would be if they had paid good money for a great fairing  job or spent time doing it themselves.  So I went on a mission to find something to protect my rudder’s trailing edge.  Barbed wire and small mines were overruled by the JYC harbor committee as they believe this would be too aggressive.

So I went to Walmart and purchased a toy pool noodle for $2.  I also bought some small line to attach it.  The key here is to buy the noodle with a hole through the center of it.  Use a sharp knife or razor and slice straight down one side of the noodle to the center hole to split the noodle open.  Don’t worry if you aren’t exactly straight with your cut, it will work anyway.   Now punch a couple of holes between the back edge of the center hole and the new aft edge of the Rumper to thread the line through. You’ll need 2 pieces of line about 18-24″ long for this.  Punch one through up high above the waterline on the rudder near the head, and one down low to hold the bottom part of the Rumper.

To attach, first slide the Rumper onto the top of the trailing edge of the rudder. Tie the first line (at the bottom of the Rumper) around the rudder blade loosely so it can slide down.  Now get your tiller extension.  As you push the Rumper down the trailing edge it will try to slide off, use the grip end of the tiller extension to lightly tap the Rumper back in place and keep sliding it down until you reach the bottom of the rudder.  (This is really easier than it sounds.)  Tie off the top of the Rumper to the rudder head and you’re done.


  1. Make sure the rudder is out of the water when installing and removing.  The Rumper is really buoyant.
  2. After you have positioned the line in the Rumper, tie small stopper knots on either side of the Rumper to make it difficult for “boat guests” to pull out the line or you’ll have to re-thread.
  3. When removing, untie the top line first. Then just push the whole Rumper off  the bottom of the rudder. Use the tiller extension to help push down the line at the bottom as it will try to bind. No need to have crew hold you by your feet while you untie it.
  4. If the boat feels sluggish on the first beat, make sure you have removed the Rumper.